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Save the date for the OHJA Hunter Special, Top Score Awards & Tailgate Party

Autumn Classic at Caledon Equestrian Park

The OHJA is excited to present the Hunter Special at Autumn Classic!

This event will be held on Saturday September 14th and 15th, 2019 at the Caledon Equestrian Park.

The OHJA Super Saturday will showcase the following classes:

  1. The OHJA Pony Power Final
  2. The OHJA 3ft Jr/Am Derby
  3. The OHJA 3ft3” and 3ft6” Jr/Am Derby

OHJA Tailgate Party!

The OHJA will also be hosting the OHJA Tailgate party!

Dress up your tailgate on Saturday by the Derby Ring.

Bring your food and bring your friends and enjoy a great day of Hunters showing off their handy skills.

The best set up will receive an award courtesy of the OHJA.

During the OHJA Hunter Special Weekend the OHJA will offer a Top Score Award in the 3ft, 3ft3” and 3ft6” Junior/Amateur Hunter Divisions.

  • Horses to show in their respective divisions.
  • One class from their division will be designated a one round classic and one a handy.
  • Both will be awarded an open score.
  • Their score in the OHJA Jr/Am Derby will also count.
  • Horses must jump the same height Derby as their Division to qualify for the Top Score.
  • All three scores will be added together to get a total.
  • The highest total will win the OHJA Top Score Award.

There will be three top scores awarded: one 3ft Horse, one 3ft3” Horse and one 3ft6” Horse.

The Top Score Winners will receive a cooler and will be presented on Sunday. Winners must bring a horse for the presentation. 

Ties to be broken by the OHJA Jr/Am Derby score. Further ties to be broken by the one round classic score.

For further information on the class specs for each of these classes, please reference:

  1. The OHJA Pony Power Final
  2. The OHJA 3ft Jr/Am Derby
  3. The OHJA 3ft3” and 3ft6” Jr/Am Derby

It should be a special weekend of Hunters!


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