Ontario Hunter Jumper Association


Hunter Committee
Diane Ratigan - Chair
Alexa Law
Deb Weir
Jackie Tattersall
Mark Hayes
Elizabeth Campbell
Sandi Ballard
Jenna Rogerson
Chelsea Millar
Meghan McDonald
Victoria McDonald
Elizabeth Rous

Jumper Committee
Evie Frisque - Chair
Sharon Batista
Mark Hayes
Sabrina Ivankovic
Hyde Moffatt
Diane Ratigan
Sherri Whitworth-Denouden

Banquet and Awards Committee
Sharon Batista - Chair
Jackie Tattersall
Evie Frisque
Nanci Forfellow
Tracy Tolfa
Krista Elford
Myscha Burton-Stafford

Communication Committee
Alexa Law - Chair
Gabrielle Gallant – Social Media
Christine Reupke - Website
Sarah Mainprize – Ingate Contributor
Yvonne Busby – Ingate Contributor

Looking for a way to help shape your sport?  
Volunteer your time on an OHJA Committee! 

Please e mail info@ohja.ca for additional information on how to volunteer.




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