Ontario Hunter Jumper Association

Please ensure to check horse show venue programs and schedules for final details around OHJA programs as dates as subject to change.

Other OHJA Programs


The OHJA Junior Ambassador Program

The goal of the OHJA Junior Ambassador Program is to recognize young leaders within the Ontario hunter/jumper community, and to provide opportunities for growth and development with an emphasis on community, responsibility, volunteerism, leadership, pride of place, and provide an opportunity to work with other leaders within the equestrian community. The OHJA recognizes the important voice that junior riders have in shaping the gold level horse show experience, and we want these voices heard. OHJA Youth Ambassadors will represent their association in person at Ontario Gold shows by means of award presentations, interactions with their fellow competitors, as well as other special events. These riders are respected by their peers and coaches alike. They bring a positive attitude and strong commitment to learning, both in and out of the show ring. They must be approachable, and will work closely with the OHJA Board of Directors advocating for the voices of junior riders. Junior Ambassadors must represent the OHJA with a positive attitude, excellent sportsmanship and quality horsemanship

This program is open to current OHJA Junior Riders between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age as of January 1 of the current year.

Application Criteria

Applications for 2024 OHJA Junior Ambassadors are due by February 1.

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The FEI North American Youth Championships

The FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC) is the premiere equestrian competition in North America for junior and young riders, aged 14-21. Young equestrians vie for team and individual medals in the FEI disciplines of dressage, eventing and jumping.


July 30 - August 4
Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, Traverse City, Michigan

Please visit North American Youth Championships Criteria – Jumping for information, criteria and forms.

This is not an OHJA program and all information here is for informational purposes for our members who may want to participate.

Any questions should be submitted to EQUESTRIAN CANADA- PROGRAM COORDINATOR, JUMPING jumping@equestrian.ca

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OHJA Travel Grant

This grant is to provide provincially targeted athletes with travel assistance towards participation in national and/ or high-level sporting events. To be eligible for the Grant athlete must meet the following criteria:

  • Athlete must be a current OHJA member competing at gold level competitions.
  • The athlete must be a resident of Ontario or representing Ontario.
  • Horse and rider must attend the eligible competition to which the assistance will be provided.
  • Only one grant per athlete per year
  • Value not to exceed $1000. Dollars - Exception Ontario Regional CET winner.

The above are guidelines for the distribution of funds. A maximum of $15,000 of funds may be allocated. The allocation of funds will depend on the number of applications in the current year. Funds may be rolled over to the following year and/or allocated to other programs for, at the discretion of the OHJA Board.

The OHJA board decision shall be final.

  • FEI Children’s Finals
  • North American Youth Championship: either Junior or Under 21.
  • Jump Canada <25 program Canadian Finals (RAWF) or American Finals – top five that qualify from Ontario CET Regional Final Winners.
  • Medal  Finals
  • USEF Hunter Seat Medal Finals
  • USEF Junior Hunter National Championship
  • WIHS Equitation Finals
  • Pony Finals
  • Canadian Hunter Derby Finals
  • USEF Hunter Derby Finals
  • Applications can be submitted via email to info@ohja.ca
  • Applications must be submitted by December 1st of the current year. Please note that funds will not be distributed until after this date.
  • Applications must include: the competition name, date, and location, proof of entry or proof of results, OHJA membership number, email address, phone number and mailing address are also required.

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OHJA Sportsmanship Award

Nominees must have demonstrated a history of Sportsmanship by consistently respecting competitions, athletes, coaches and officials while giving back to the equestrian sport and the overall community. The Sportsmanship award will be given to the individual who participates with integrity and respect for both the equine athlete and others across all endeavours.

Please submit a one page reference letter highlighting the individual and the reasons why you feel the candidate should receive the 2024 OHJA Sportsmanship Award. Keeping in mind the following criteria:

  • Respectful to all – including all riders, coaches, horses, spectators, and organizers.
  •  Demonstrates respect by addressing their fellow competitors during competition and thanking them for a class regardless of outcome.
  • Respectful to the equine athlete putting their well-being first.
  • Displays appreciation for superior performance – exercises self-control and reflects positively upon themselves, and their peers.
  • Being a good role model by inspiring and engaging others around them.
  • Exemplifies qualities of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Demonstrates expertise, experience and leadership.
  • Commitment to the overall community and its programs within the equestrian industry.
  • Must be a current OHJA Member.


Respect for competitions including riders, coaches, spectators, sponsors and


Integrity demonstrating as a whole, the ethics and values that promote confidence
in equestrian sport, including fair and honest performances and outcomes across all


Determination and self-awareness in order to set personal goals while advocating


Encourage others around them to do their personal best regardless of the outcome.


The winner of the OHJA Sportsmanship Award will be presented by December 31st.

The deadline for nominations will be October 30.

photo credit: Leanna Lazzari

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U25 National Development Program

The Under 25 (U25) Series was created as part of the Talent ID Program and is open to athletes competing at a height equal to or greater than 1.40m from the beginning of the year they reach the age of 16 until the end of the year in which they turn 25.

In order to participate, declarations are required for horse-rider combinations.

The annual deadline to declare is June 30 Riders may declare more than one horse.

Declarations can be submitted through the Online U25 Declaration Portal. Declared athletes must submit their U25 results online within a week of completing U25 classes in order to collect ranking points. 

Results can be submitted online through the U25 Results Portal.

Find the criteria for the U25 National Program here.

This is not an OHJA program and all information here is for informational purposes for our members who may want to participate.

Have a question about the Talent ID or the U25 Programs?

Any questions should be submitted to EQUESTRIAN CANADA- PROGRAM COORDINATOR, JUMPING jumping@equestrian.ca

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