Ontario Hunter Jumper Association

Please ensure to check horse show venue programs and schedules for final details around OHJA programs as dates as subject to change.

OHJA Equitation Programs

OHJA Jumper Equitation Medal

The OHJA is pleased to offer the OHJA Jumper Medal Series over the course of the 2024 competition season.

This class is open to all Junior/Amateur riders with a current OHJA membership.

  • Course Specifications:
    Riders will compete over a jumper type course with fences set to 1.10m to 1.15m, with a time allowed.  The course will include a liverpool, a triple combination and at least two of the following jumps will be included; wall, triple bar, skinny.
  • Judging:
    The OHJA Medal will be judged on the rider's equitation style, technical merit, judgement and executtion of an efficient time saving pace and track. Riders to be judged upon entering the ring.Open numerical scoring will be used. One point will be deducted from the rider's score for each second over the time allowed, and four points will be deducted for each knockdown on course.
    The top four (4) scores will return in reverse order of first round scores for additional testing determined by the judge. The test will be a shortened course, with judges being encouraged to incorporate tests such as but not limited to: inside turn options, lines that allow for strides to be left out, and areas where competitors can hand gallop.  The test phase will not have a time allowed, but faults will be deducted for knockdowns as per the first round rules.Both rounds will be based on jumper equitation evaluation. Second round scores to be added to first round.  Total score determines winner.
  • Tack:
    All Jumper Tack permitted, no tack changes for second round.
  • Ribbons to 8th.

OHJA Jumper Medal classes may be run at all Ontario Gold EC sanctioned competitions at their discretion. Please check individual horse show program for availability.

OHJA Jumper Equitation Medal Finals
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Open to the top 20 riders in the current OHJA standings.

The OHJA will cover the entry fee for all competitors, however, riders must submit an entry form to the horse show office.

Class conditions at the Final will be consistent with the overall series with the exception that riders returning for the jump off round will return in reverse order of scores.

All participants in the Final will receive a prize from the OHJA. Ribbons will be awarded to 10th and medals to the top 3 placings. The winning rider will also be presented with a cooler and a $500 bursary from the OHJA.  The winning Coach/Trainer and winning entry at the Final will each receive $500 from the OHJA.

2024 Finals will be hosted at the Eastern Canadian Jumper Finals, October 9 - 12 at Caledon Equestrian Park. 

Overall Award

The overall OHJA Jumper Medal Series winner will be presented the Matthew Mulligan Year End Award and a $500 bursary.  
Results from the finals will not count towards the overall award.  (EC Rule G610.)

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CET Mini Medal Presented by the OHJA

The OHJA is proud to present the CET Mini Medal for 2024.  

The CET MINI MEDAL CLASS is to be held under the same rules and regulations as the CET Medal (see Article G1110) with the exception of the following: 

1. Open to riders of all ages who are current EC Sport Licence holders for the level in which they are competing. A CET Medal membership is not required for the CET Mini Medal classes. In addition, in order for points to count toward a provincial final, athletes must be members of the provincial Hunter Jumper association and/or PTSO tabulating points for that region which is the OHJA in Ontario. Athletes may compete in more than one provincial final provided all memberships are in place and they have points as per the CET Medal Regional Final Rules. 

2. Senior riders must be amateurs as per Article G108 and possess a current EC amateur card. 

3. Phase Requirements: a) Jumping phase - maximum 1.00m b) Gymnastic jumping phase - maximum 0.90m c) Flat Phase - the counter canter is strongly recommended. 

4. There will be no water jump in any of the competitions, but a liverpool is mandatory. 

5. Eligibility Requirements: 

a. Riders competing in 1.20m or higher jumper divisions are not eligible. 

b. Riders may not cross enter between the Mini Medal and the CET Medal class at the same competition. 

c. Riders may qualify for both the CET Mini Medal and the CET Medal Final but may compete in only one Regional Final. 

6. Trainers may walk both the gymnastic course and the jumping course with riders. Exception: Provincial Finals. Trainers may only walk the gymnastic course. 

7. Course designers must have at least EC Recorded status. 

8. PROVINCIAL FINALS will be held to determine a winner for each province. The CET Mini Medal Provincial Final will be held under the same rules as the CET Medal Regional Final G1112. 

9. CET Mini Medal classes may be run at all EC sanctioned competitions.

Ribbons to 8th. Medals 1st through 3rd

CET Mini Medal Finals Presented by the OHJA

Competitors with valid OHJA memberships competing in the OHJA/CET Mini Medal series are eligible to qualify for the OHJA/CET Mini Medal Finals.
The Final is open to those riders in the Top 20.

The OHJA/CET Mini Medal Finals will be run under the same rules as the CET Medal EC Rules article G1112. The top six riders will return for the additional mandatory testing in reverse order of their combined scores from Phase I and Phase II

Ribbons will be presented to 10th. Medals to the top 3 and a cooler to the winner.

A $500 bursary will be awarded to the Year End overall winner, as well as $500 to the winner of the Final and $500 to the trainer of the winner at the Final.

2024 Finals will be hosted at the BFL Caledon Cup CSI2*, September 18 - 22 at Caledon Equestrian Park. 

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Grand Prix Hunter Medal Series

The OHJA is proud to partner with Grand Prix to present the Hunter Medal Series and Finals. This Hunter Medal Equitation class is offered for Small Pony, Medium Pony, Large Pony, Children's, Junior and Amateur divisions. Riders may only compete in one section and cannot ride multiple entries. To be shown over a course of not less than 8 jumps.

New for 2024: During the regular season qualifier classes, the top 4 will be called back to perform a ride off over a shortened course/flat test at the discretion of the judge. Available tests and restrictions to be followed in EC Article G1009 and G1010. 

Grand Prix Hunter Medal Finals

These classes are open to the Top 20 riders in the Junior, Children's, Amateur and Pony Grand Prix Medals.

All entries must have a valid current OHJA membership (both rider and owner).Ponies will be combined and jump appropriate height and distances. Riders cannot ride multiple entries or cross enter between Medal Finals.

To be shown over a course of not less than 8 jumps. The top 4 will return for mandatory individual testing over a shortened course determined by the Judge. The Judge can also choose from tests listed under EC Article G1009 and G1010. The test must be read aloud to the riders a minimum of two times (any special accommodations required i.e., hearing impairment should be disclosed to the in gate in advance). Riders in the ride off should remain in the ring, facing away from competitors and cannot have outside assistance during the ride off.  The fall of horse or rider or two disobediences shall cause the entry to be eliminated from the class. If elimination occurs during a ride-off, the contestant shall be placed last of those chosen for the ride-off.

2024 Finals will be hosted at the BFL Caledon Cup CSI2*, September 18 - 22 at Caledon Equestrian Park. 

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OHJA High Point Equitation Award

The OHJA High Point Equitation Award will be awarded to the OHJA member with the highest combined ranking in the OHJA Jumper Medal, Grand Prix Junior Medal and CET Medal.

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