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As a result of the decision made by Equestrian Canada’s Jumping Committee to remove the financial support of the JC Levy funds since 2019, the OHJA Board decided that the best way to ensure the protection and continuation of OHJA programs was to increase the annual membership fee to $75 effective January 1, 2022.

This fee increase allowed for the removal of the $4 levy introduced in 2021 which was charged at each show, and secured the continuation of OHJA programs for the future and create new opportunities for rider development. It has also enable us to make necessary investments into Points Management to improve our ability to deliver accurate and timely standings as we know this is a very important element of our programming that has had challenges in recent years.

The Board invites its members to reach out to EC’s Jumping Committee directly with any concerns pertaining to their decision to remove any distribution of funds to provincial associations, while continuing to collect the $20.00 JC Levy fee from EC members at each horse show. They can be reached here Equestrian Canada.

Read more about the OHJA fee increase here>>

Who Needs to be an OHJA Member?

Anyone wishing to be considered for the OHJA year-end awards in all divisions. 

  • All Riders
  • All Owners - as listed on the horse recording and as registered with Equestrian Canada. If a barn/farm, business, syndicate or partnership is registered owner a Director of that business must have an OHJA membership.
  • All Lessees (if lease is registered with Equestrian Canada)

If you want to participate in any OHJA Programs such as:

  • OHJA Year End Awards
  • OHJA Young Hunter Development Series and Final
  • OHJA Pony Power Series and Final
  • OHJA 2'6'' Development Derby
  • OHJA Hunt N' Go Team Event
  • OHJA Derby Bonuses
  • OHJA Jumper Medal Series and Final
  • CET Mini Medal Regional Finals
  • Grand Prix Medal Finals
  • OHJA Emerging Rider Hunter Medal Classes and Final
  • OHJA Nation’s Cup Classes
  • OHJA Jumper Finals
  • OHJA Jumper Bonuses
  • OHJA Junior Ambassador Program
  • OHJA Travel Grant
  • OHJA Sportsmanship Award
Remember to join the OHJA prior to competing at your first horse show.  No points for year end awards or qualifications for Finals will be awarded without a current membership. In addition, competitors cannot be awarded points if they are competing on a temporary EC membership.

How to Join

All OHJA memberships are processed through Ontario Equestrian.

*NOTE – if you are from out of province and require an OHJA, you do not require an Ontario Equestrian membership. You must first purchase your own residence Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) membership and then contact Taylor at t.cornwell@ontarioequestrian.ca, who can assist you in obtaining an OHJA membership. Owners and riders of a horse/pony in competing in Ontario must have an OHJA membership to accumulate provincial points in Ontario and participate in OHJA programs.

  • Join Direct by Mail
    Download and complete the OHJA membership form and remit with your payment to OE.
Award Points

Memberships will have points accrued towards OHJA Year End Awards ONLY from the date of joining. Points may not be awarded retroactively as per Equestrian Canada rules and points cannot be awarded to those holding temporary memberships or temporary horse recordings or passports.

Voting at Meetings

* NOTE: The Constitution & By-law #2 of the Association permit voting at meetings, whether annual or special, by individual senior members who have paid a membership fee for the current year.

Types of OHJA Memberships

1. Individual Membership
$75.00 - All Professional, Junior and Amateur Riders; all Owners as listed in the Horse’s Passport/Horse Recording
Note: If the owner (as per the Passport/Horse Recording) is a Barn/Farm, Business, Syndicate or Partnership, this entity must also be an OHJA member.
A rider is classified as a Junior until the end of the calendar year in which they turn 18.

2. Barn/Farm, Business, Syndicate, Partnership
$75.00 - Any of the above on title ownership of a horse must also be a member. A Director of that business must also have an individual OHJA membership.

National Finals at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair  

All information regarding Royal Winter Fair (RAWF) qualifying criteria can be found on the Royal Winter Fair Horse Show page: www.royalfair.org.
All qualifying criteria is determined by the Royal Horse Show organizing committee and any questions should be directed to the Royal Winter Fair.

Please also be sure to join the CET Program  and the U25 Program in order to have your points qualify for the National Finals at RAWF.

Questions about Horse Showing in Ontario?

Check out our handy OHJA Guidebook

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